2012 Interview with the Ingham County Examiner
From Big Sur has made a large splash in the Michigan music industry.  When asked to describe the band's
sound they simply said, "the most obviously missing sounds."  From Big Sur has seem to have found the
missing pieces to the musical puzzle and fans of the rock band couldn't be happier.
From Big Sur formed back in 2008 and has been enjoying rising success ever since.  Now with 2013 on the
horizon, the band has a new set of performances and album planned for the new year.  Fans are looking
forward to more music and more live shows that bring a new energy to the Michigan music scene.
I had the chance to sit down and interview, From Big Sur.  We discussed everything from how social media
has helped the band gain fans and about their upcoming album set to be released in 2013.  The entire
interview is below.
C: When did From Big Sur come together?
F: In 2008 a life-long friend Wes Tkaczyk and I (Kevin Ream) started From Big Sur as a writing/recording
project on the side of our other bands and recording projects.  It eventually evolved to include another
life-long friend and fellow Dansvillian Adam Jones.  We ended up recording an album that we felt needed to
be heard so in 2010 Shawn Doolittle joined the line-up on drums.  Since the beginning of 2011 John Fry
joinced the band to play keyboard, guitar and mandolin.  We've had the same line-up for the past two years.
C: What would you consider to be some of your most notable music influences at a younger age?
F: When we were kids Wes' dad and my dad would trade Beatles bootlegs at our little league baseball
games.  Wes and I grew up listening to everything the Beatles ever did including their solo work.  There was
plenty other music we grew-up listening to but I think we were both very lucky to be raised listening to such
great music.  Shawn and John's early influences see to be rooted in earlier country and blues music.
C: From Big Sur in a few words, how would you describe the band's musical sound?
F: The most obviously missing sounds
C: What musical influences do you pull from when you are performing or writing music?
F: When I write and when I 've written with Wes or the band we don't try to pull from anyghint  We try to
develop original melodies with original chord changes.  The work of our influences are already within us but
what our influences do that is most important is raise the standard of excellence.  Our influences have taught
us when to know whether something is good or not, whether to develop an idea or thrash it.  For instance,
the album we're working on now started as a massice project.  From a pool of 50ish songs we had written
we decided to record 22 of them for this album.  We plan on only having 12ish songs on the album.  The
process although lengthy allows us to shape and mold a great album and not just throw together a group of
songs.  As for performing we have covered everything from the roots of American folk and blues music to the
British invasion and plenty arouund and in between.
C: From Big Sur has gained quite a large following in the Midwest, what was the process of coming up in the
industry like?
F: Well, we don't have a large following but we're working towards that.  The business has changed and
continues to change so quickly that you almost don't want to rely on anyone for anything.  We do everything
ourselfves.  We produce our albums, we run and update our websites, we book our shows, design our album
artwork etc.  That's wherer the music business is now.  Especially if you 're not playing stadiums.  It's more
work but it can be done.
C: How would you guys as a band describe the Midwest music scene?
F: I honestly can't say what the Midwest scene is.  It's more like there's small pockets of scenes going on
everywhere.  When I moved back to Michigan from Portland, Oregon in 2009 I didn't have high expectations
for a local scene in Lansing.  I was wrong!  I can honestly say there is more of a scene in Lansing, Michigan
that in Portland, Oregon.  Maybe it's easier to see because it's smaller but there is way more of a sense of
community in Lansing.  Also, the musicianship in Lansing destroys what was in Oregon. The scene in
Portland was more about trying to get famous than making good music.  Don't get me wrong there is some
great music there but the difference in musicianship is startling.
C: How do you all as a band feel social media has helped and will continue to help your career?
F: Social media is the biggest tool we have to reach our audience.  We can notify hundreds of people about
upcoming gigs in the click of a button, and it's free!  In a sense social media is our unpaid middle-man for
many things.
C: What does the future for the band hold?
F:  We will be releasing our new (self titled) album at the beginning of 2013.  We've had some of the best
musicians in the land guest on the album.  We couldn't be more proud of the way it's turning out.  For me
personally, I don't see and end to From Big Sur.  I'd like to make music with these guys for as long as
possible.  There's something special about having as much fun as we have on stage and in the studio.